Study Questions: Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Occupational and Environmental Disorders


Study Questions: Chapter 23

* 1.) Which of the following clinical findings would be most common in a 57-year-old mechanic with suspected hypothenar hammer syndrome?
* 2.) A 20-year-old college basketball player presents with complaints of pain and itching of the lateral 3 toes of her right foot. Approximately 3 weeks prior, she attended the annual snowball rally to celebrate the end of fall semester.

She admits to excess alcohol consumption during the holidays but denies use of any other drug or herbal preparations. Last year, she had similar symptoms that were not as severe and lasted until mid-January. On examination, her toes are mildly swollen and erythematous. She has no active ulcers. What is the optimal therapy to recommend at this time?

* 3.) Which of the following characteristics suggests primary Raynaud’s syndrome?
* 4.) A 58-year-old man is found down the day following a January football game. His core temperature is 96° F. His hands and feet demonstrate tissue injury. During rewarming, he develops significant edema and hemorrhagic bullae.

What is his optimal care at this time?

* 5.) A 67-year-old motorcyclist presents with concerns regarding intermittent finger numbness and pallor while riding. He reports his hands feeling colder than normal on most days but denies tissue loss.

His symptoms usually last 5 to 10 minutes after completing his ride. How would you proceed in this clinical setting?